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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Daddy I Miss YOU =(

Now I really in BADLY MOOD!
And I wish I can be stronger!
But I can't!
Because I miss YOU "My LOVELY DADDY"

My daddy is sick....
And now my daddy is alone in the Hospital now......
I really worried about my daddy healthy...
I know I can't loss HIM....
Because HE is the most important person in my whole life!
I really hope my daddy can leave hospital soon....
cause I miss HIM!
I always pray to him.....
I wish my daddy can faster get well soon.....

Can you all help to pray.......

Will go to visit my daddy later at Subang Jaya Medical Center>.<

p/s: Daddy faster get well soon.
We need you!
You can fall down!
We will always support on you!
Daddy I need you!
I will always pray for you!

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