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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hey Guys! I on my Blog with my Iphone4S

Sorry guys I been so long never updates my blog... Really sorry on my laziness>.< My recently life is full of work n always wait fir the weekend come just like today^^ now I am waiting my Bf at the music school... After that we will going to take out very late brunch... Now I am really hungry on it>.<. And this is the first time I blogging with my iphone 4s^^ hope it won't messy up everything lo^^ guys I promised u all I really will do my best to always update my blog^^ guys I really have many thing wanna to updates on here but seem like my laziness so i just can postpone n postpone>.< Guys i will update my bloggie on next week when after work k? Ok i think is enough i talk so much nonsense already^^ tata wish u all have a great weekend^^

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

❤Our 4th Year Anniversary on 8-1-2012❤

Our 4th Year Anniversary on

Guys sorry for been long time I never updated my blog....
because now I already working so really don't have time to touch my blog.
everyday just working working and working.....
Anyway now finally I have time to updated my blog during this Chinese New Year Holiday.
But this post I gonna updated my post is 
All about my 4th Year Anniversary with my Hubby

During 8-1-2012 
we having a simple celebrate at Sunway...
Seem from last time we also celebrate at Sunway....
cause we really dunno where to go cause we rather stay at home.

4th Year We been Together....
Cannot say long also cannot say short.....
I really hope we can Together Forever Ever till we died....

Everything I flash back when I wrote right NOW!!!!
Our Relationship really not easy to build up!
Cause since last time really had many ppl come to destroy us....
but finally all those ppl is gone and I really hope it won't happen again.
Cause I really feel so helpless when happen those nonsense thing on my side>.<

4year already....
I'm always thinking when is my turn get into another new life with him.
when is the best time?
always thinking thinking and thinking....

Hope everything will be going smooth.....
and everything I hope can faster be come true^^

I think i should stop writing la...
maybe long time never blogging so dunno what to said....
lets photo show the story of us how to spend our time on

Our 4th Year Anniversary on 8-1-2012

 lunch at Sunway
kiss kiss
Hubby and Me
 I'm so fattttttt~~~~
 sot sot jor>.<
  Hubby so cool
  always like to Be with u
 Hubby dun wan choi me 
thn I siok myself
  Our Sweet Love
dun eat meeeeeeee
the home made Chocolate  ❤ cake 

Alll are Our Photo that we capture on that day^^
Although we didn't go many place but the moment be with You is enough....
I Treasure Our Love so Much
Dunno why everything you told me I always remember in my mine.
although sometime I said I forgot but actually I really remember.

every photo show that Our Love is Sweet and Passion.
Every Single moment that we together I Treasure so much.

Biii I    You.

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