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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day when was Winter Solstice and Christmas Eve with♥

Christmas Eve at Bangsar Village Chilis

so sorry for the lack update>.<
My Life at Dec is full of Happiness with my Lovely DarDar♥.
Because most of the time we spent together.
We laugh we eat we date we cook together.
Even we travel together^^
today this post gonna have 2 title because....
U guys view yourself la^^

Before the Day of Winter Solstice we plan went to Jusco to bought some food to cook^^
We bought so many thing^^
Love to shopping with my DarDar♥.
The day of Winter Solstice both of us sleep till 12pm then went out to buy dumpling powder
because we can't bought at Jusco there...
So after we bought we went back to prepare everything that we wanna eat for the lunch^^
I'm the one who prepare materials for the Lunch we want to eat and wash the dishes>.<
Then my DarDar is the one who cook our Lunch^^
Our Lunch for the day is Spaghetti^^
I Love it^^
Also my DarDar also got cook another dish is my favor that is "Chai Pu" egg and red bean^^
Although is a simple dish but I it so much^^

This is our Lunch for the Day
Spaghetti Time
Thx DarDar cook for me^^
After finish our lunch DarDar start to do the "Tang Yuan" for our Dessert.
Is all my DarDar Hand-Made "Tang Yuan".
I felt so Happiness because of this^^
Dun think I dunno made o...
Actually I know just lazy only.
But I also got help my DarDar boiled the syrup for the "Tang Yuan"  

Here is my DarDar Home-Made "Tang Yuan"
Very Nice to eat^^
Sweet to the Heart

My heart feel so warm when together with my DarDar.
This year Christmas is a bit different for me.
I life until 21st Year old this time is my FIRST time celebrate Christmas.
Even though I been together with my DarDar almost 3years.
But this is first time Celebrate Christmas with him also.
Because past 2year he was not at Malaysia.
I felt disappointed for the pass 2years.
But start from this years will be the different 
Because I already have my him and He is MINE!!!!
This Christmas Eve we when to Bangsar Village Chilis to had our Christmas Eve Dinner.
There was lots of people there because of the Christmas Eve.
We wait about 45minute just had a table for us.
The time already 10pm lo>.<
After that DarDar order our Dinner. 
My DarDar always like to order big portion food for me....
But luckily my DarDar help me to eat too^^ 

Here is my Christmas Eve Dinner.

A very big portion for me>.<
Thx DarDar help me to cut the corn out^^

My DarDar Christmas Eve Dinner is the Faijats is right hand side that one.
Tastes okok only.
But my DarDar also got made one for me to try^^

After we finish our Dinner we sure took photo lor=)
But the light is not good just got 2photo nice only>.<

Is our Sweet Sweet Love
I look so fat right?
With my DarDar about 1month I already gain 2kg>.<
But ok la....
That is Call : "Happiness"

 DarDar & Me
With the Christmas Tree 
after count down Christmas
25-12-2010 with him

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Post

When to the Beach with my Hubby
First Time went to Beach with my Hubby
Both of Us wrote it^^

Guys I'm back^^
Sorry for lack of updated my blog>.<
Because recently is busy preparing my Online website.
But due to the busy I still got time have a short trip with my HuBby and his friend.
The trip was awesome. 
I really had lots of fun with my Hubby and his friend.
Also wanna Thx to my HuBby that he bring me along to this trip^^
I already have get all the photo...
But I will upload on Next post.

Today is Christmas Eve.
U all guys have plan any plan to celebrate with ur lover?
Me later will be went to Chilis with my HuBby to celebrate our 1st Christmas Eve.
Guys u all sure will be confuse about why is 1st time right?
Let me tell u all.
This is because 1year he have to work n he treat bad for me.
2nd year is because he at Japan because of the Lion Club year culture exchange student.
So in this3rd year we finally have a chance to celebrate together.
I wait this long time already.
Finally can celebrate with my Hubby^^
Later wanna dress up myself nicely to celebrate Christmas Eve with my HuBby^^

I stop at here...
Will post next post soon when have time^^
Tata guys...

I wish you all have a Nice Christmas Eve with ur Lover^^

*Merry Christmas*

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Life on Dec

Angel and Amy
Double "A"
My Santarina Looks^^
I'm Back to here again.
Sorry for less updated on my bloggie,
because of I'm very busy on my online website.
Busying for took photo for those stock and arrange the stock.
So my website will opening soon ya^^
So guys pls stay tune on my next post for the latest new for my opening date^^

recently was happen many thing that we can't imagine it.
one of my blogger buddy Alviss Kong was died because of Love.
He choose suicide for ended his life>.<
When I heard this news I felt so sad on him.
Because it is not worth on it...
Maybe he think that it is worth on it.
But anyhow he was died.
I wish him can R.I.P.
Wish he can have another happier life.

This few day, 
it really happen many thing around me.
my Dear his friend say my life so dramatic.
This is because of something are happen around me let them felt that my life so dramatic.
At first I didn't felt that my life so dramatic after they said I just felt it.
It just can use one sentence to said it.
That is: 
[I felt funny when I met funny things in my life!] 
maybe you all will dunno what I said but it's ok.
Because that is my secret and not too good to public at here.
But I'm ok on it.
Because I dun care about what she said already.
I just do anything that I know is right.
because life is like that.
One of my previous Facebook wall post that status is.
Whenever you're in conflict with someone,
there is one factor that can make the difference
between damaging your relationship and deepening it.
That factor is "Attitude".

So I just do my best for myself and my Dear BiBi.
Because I know one day will know I'm t
he right one.
And I feel so Happy that is because I can with my Lovely Darling all day long^^
I Love together with him because let me feel the safe and Love.
Few more day will go to Penang travel with my lovely Dear and his friend.
Can't wait for this trip^^

p/s: waiting my dear back tht go for dinner^^

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Complicated feeling!

The sadness in my Heart

What should I do?
What is trust?
What I still can believe with you?
I really feel so disappointed with you!
I feel like my colorful world is gone and back to black and white!!
still left anything I can trust???
Why I so stupid when met you?
Why I still trust you like nobody business!!!
Can I still trust you???
Your heart is me or other?
Can you tell me honestly? 

Saturday, December 4, 2010






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