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Friday, December 24, 2010

Quick Post

When to the Beach with my Hubby
First Time went to Beach with my Hubby
Both of Us wrote it^^

Guys I'm back^^
Sorry for lack of updated my blog>.<
Because recently is busy preparing my Online website.
But due to the busy I still got time have a short trip with my HuBby and his friend.
The trip was awesome. 
I really had lots of fun with my Hubby and his friend.
Also wanna Thx to my HuBby that he bring me along to this trip^^
I already have get all the photo...
But I will upload on Next post.

Today is Christmas Eve.
U all guys have plan any plan to celebrate with ur lover?
Me later will be went to Chilis with my HuBby to celebrate our 1st Christmas Eve.
Guys u all sure will be confuse about why is 1st time right?
Let me tell u all.
This is because 1year he have to work n he treat bad for me.
2nd year is because he at Japan because of the Lion Club year culture exchange student.
So in this3rd year we finally have a chance to celebrate together.
I wait this long time already.
Finally can celebrate with my Hubby^^
Later wanna dress up myself nicely to celebrate Christmas Eve with my HuBby^^

I stop at here...
Will post next post soon when have time^^
Tata guys...

I wish you all have a Nice Christmas Eve with ur Lover^^

*Merry Christmas*

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