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Thursday, November 28, 2013

【一位老人的九句话!亿万人疯转! 】

【一位老人的九句话!亿万人疯转! 】

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life is Back❤Chilla Cup

Angel is back to Blog
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I'm Back to my Blogging time.
Sorry for been so long time I never active my blog.
This is why when starting new career I was like lazy to touch my blog.
Because it's really no time for me to enjoy my time for blogging.
After 1 year ++,
I felt is time to active back because I felt blogging moment is the best moment for me to drop down each memory I had !

Lets talk about what happen was done by me today.
Today I and My Husband was woke up on 10am,
so my Hubby was decide to bring me a place to take our Brunch.
Because he told me that place was very nice to have a brunch and a cup of coffee.
Both of us is coffee lover seen I was the one who start to addicted on it.
So after done our-self we start our journey to the place that my hubby told me.
Actually is very near only.
The place is states at Subang Avenue.
Actually once you reach the place you will think is that place got coffee shop.
Yes it's really got, and just in-front of the mall when you turn in to finding car park.
The Cafe name : Chilla Cup
The environment is quite nice because very comfortable to let people relax.
Most of the customer is those Students
because the place is full of service apartment to rent for college students.
So most of the time my Hubby said is full of student to coming here to having their revision.

Hubby was told me there got the Caramel Toast is very nice to have it,
So Hubby was order one for me and also their breakfast for me^^
Here is what we order just for 2 of us only.

Caramel Toast RM 9.50
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Hot Cappuccino RM 10.50
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 Hot Latte RM 10.50
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Omelet Chicken Ham RM 13.90
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Omelet Mushroom RM 11.90
(Capture By Casio Exilim TR150

Their meals is very yummy.
I Love the place for having my Brunch.
But the price range is like on middle range to spends.
Actually is worth it to have those nice environment to having our Brunch.
For me I will come again to here.

Me and My Husband

I will start to continued to updates my blog frequently to keep in touch with you all.
Also wanna to inform you all I just start my Online boutique this Year 2013 only.
Please come to support on my Online boutique.
So I will always updated the latest fashion and introduce nice restaurant to let you all know.

Here is my Online Boutique link.
Please support Me by click the link below:
QMO きゅも

P/s: Will Be updates soon to let you all know I am really back to blogger life 
Sorry for my bad English.

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