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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Life on Dec

Angel and Amy
Double "A"
My Santarina Looks^^
I'm Back to here again.
Sorry for less updated on my bloggie,
because of I'm very busy on my online website.
Busying for took photo for those stock and arrange the stock.
So my website will opening soon ya^^
So guys pls stay tune on my next post for the latest new for my opening date^^

recently was happen many thing that we can't imagine it.
one of my blogger buddy Alviss Kong was died because of Love.
He choose suicide for ended his life>.<
When I heard this news I felt so sad on him.
Because it is not worth on it...
Maybe he think that it is worth on it.
But anyhow he was died.
I wish him can R.I.P.
Wish he can have another happier life.

This few day, 
it really happen many thing around me.
my Dear his friend say my life so dramatic.
This is because of something are happen around me let them felt that my life so dramatic.
At first I didn't felt that my life so dramatic after they said I just felt it.
It just can use one sentence to said it.
That is: 
[I felt funny when I met funny things in my life!] 
maybe you all will dunno what I said but it's ok.
Because that is my secret and not too good to public at here.
But I'm ok on it.
Because I dun care about what she said already.
I just do anything that I know is right.
because life is like that.
One of my previous Facebook wall post that status is.
Whenever you're in conflict with someone,
there is one factor that can make the difference
between damaging your relationship and deepening it.
That factor is "Attitude".

So I just do my best for myself and my Dear BiBi.
Because I know one day will know I'm t
he right one.
And I feel so Happy that is because I can with my Lovely Darling all day long^^
I Love together with him because let me feel the safe and Love.
Few more day will go to Penang travel with my lovely Dear and his friend.
Can't wait for this trip^^

p/s: waiting my dear back tht go for dinner^^

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