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Thursday, June 18, 2009

♥I DO really LOVE You♥

xBiBiAngelx here=)
today a bit angry!
because of YOU!!!
anything la....
don't want talk about that matter!
spoil my mood...

don't know why recently my body become weak.....
I don't dare to told him....
cause I don't want he worried about me!
I just want him happy always....
Always care him more because I just wanna to see him smile in front of me!!!
I don't want to saw him unhappy or sad!!
I really care him!!!
I care about he feeling!!!
I care about how he thinking about me!!!

I'm thinking how to let you felt more happiness with me!!!

I do really Love You
Want you be with me FOREVER
Because I LOVE YOU

p/s: HubBy I You
Heart You

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