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Friday, November 20, 2009

Feel Happiness be with You❤

Accompanied my Biiiwent to hair cut

Cam-whore while waiting my Biii
during the hair cut season

Yesterday with my Biii went to hair cut....
after Biii finished hair cut we went to took our Dinner=)
We ate vegetarian again...
cause taste yummy^^

finished our dinner we go to IOI Mall to get some books...
but at last we can't find it...
so go to my Biii house to play again^^
during at my Biii there....
I keep disturbing my Biii
See how am I disturb my Biiii
Here some photo.....
lazy to write...
let the photo tell you all....

Xiao Tou with my Biii Lappy

Cam-whore while Biii Facebooking

Take some photo with my Biii


I Love to Cam-Whore with my
Cause I want to drop down our memories
Every Photo have their own story
Because that's our Memories
Inside our Memories is full of Happiness
I will treasure everything that You giving me
Biii I Love You

my Biii will come over my house to take dinner with me and my Parent

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