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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pls Dun FLOOD at SEGAMAT!!!! Because my HuBby is There!!!! PLS~~~

Dear I Miss U so much!!!

Raining non-stop today from early in the morning till NOW!!!!
Pls let the rain STOP......
Because of this Let my Hubby hometown get flood now!!!
I'm dam worried about my HuBby and his family.
Worried until I keep updated those who live at Segamat for the latest news.
Pls dun let this happen again!!!!!!
Pls stop raining!!!!!!!!

I really worried my HuBby so much~~~~
I scare everything!!!!!
Izzit the SUN took too many sleeping pills?
Why didn't come out this few days?
Just let the rain drop non-stop!!!!
Dear God!
I beg You pls~~~~~
Dun let my HuBby and his Family also all Segamat ppl get into this trouble....
Pls let the rain stop now>.<

Once I know the bridge is reach the dangerous level I start to worried and cry....
I scare!
I scare my Hubby get hurt>.<
I scare my Hubby his own safety.

Pls la.....
Stop the rain pls~~~~
Pls dun let my HuBby get any hurt>.<

Dear HubBy I really really worried you so much!!!!!!!!!!  


Anonymous said...

If your hubby is not there it's okay to flood in Segamat?

Angel Tan May Ee said...

Sure not la....
At there also got my HuBby family there de ma...
I also will worried about them de....
Just because my HuBby is there I am more worried only.....Because I'm not there with him...
But at last everything at Segamat there are fine....
I pray lots that won't happen anymore......

Can I know who are u?

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