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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quick Post for the Day.

Shoot by My BiBi New Toy
Canon DSLR EOS 60D.

Back to here again after the previous EMO Post.
Feel more better now because got my BiBi accompanied and help me took pretty photo^^
My BiBi just bought new DSLR.
Actually this new toy is his mum give my HuBby an early birthday present.
So after my Bii get this new toy I'm the first person become his model to let him shoot.
But I didn't make-up at all>.<
Luckily the result still not bad.^^
Still got some I will upload one by one when have new post^^
So stay tune on my new post ya^^
And My HuBby also promised me will help me shoot many many nice photo^^
Can't wait for it^^

Actually this few day my mood wasn't good without reason.>.<
Luckily got Biii accompanied me when I was moody.
Thx to my HuBby that took the time for me and cheer me up.

Guys Chinese New Year is coming soon.
Have u guys bought any new cloth for urself?????
For me I haven't buy any New dress for myself also....>.<
Because I have no money to buy new dress.
Anyone sponsor me?
Wish I can buy new dress for this Chinese New Year^^
This year maybe will remain the same will celebrate with my HuBby and his family...
Because my family dun have such a good mood to celebrate....
Due to I dun wan have a bad celebrate on this Chinese New Year so I rather choose to celebrate at outstation with my Hubby.
Wish I can have a Nice and memorable Chinese New Year with my HuBby.
Because already long time I dun have the Chinese New Year feeling.
But Now I wish I can get a nice dress for this Chinese New Year^^

My HuBby Birthday is coming soon also.
I hope this year can let him have a unforgettable Birthday.
So need to have some plan first^^
I won't tell you de...
So dun come to ask me if you see this post ya Dear^^

p/s: Now my mind is all of YOU

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