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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New Hairstyle on 2011

New Year, New Looks and New Hairstyle
The Hairstylist secretly told my BiBi that I looks like 
Korean People after I done this Hairstyle.

Guys I'm back to here.
Saw my photo?
Finally I Change my hairstyle.
Look Nice or not?
For me I still cannot accept that my hair look like this>.<
Maybe I still like my previous Hairstyle.
But anyway thx my Hubby mum to help me pay all the payment.
Thank you so much^^
Actually I damn worried after I wash my hair that time.
Because I scare I can't make out the result that the Hairstylist made for me>.<
Damn worried now>.<
Scare when Chinese New Year that time my look like auntie>.<

I dun wan to think so much already la....
just let it be....
Yesterday me and my Hubby really rush because get a call from his mum,
so we rush to IOI Mall to take his mum iPad back then go to Sri Hartamas for the Hair do.
actually I wan to dye my hair only...
but at last change to the digital perm>.<
Yesterday after done my hair is look nice but until today my hair is messy to the MAX.
When I look at the mirror I felt like I'm crazy women.
Cause this the 1st time I curl my hair for long term not temporary.
I also can't believe that I really curl my hair.
Now I really need to take my time to take care on my curl hair to make sure in every moment also is the nice shape.
Once my hair messy I will look like crazy people.
So now I need to very careful to take care on it.
Plus when go out need to make up already.
Because if didn't make up will look more older...
I'm the one who lazy and dun like make-up.
So now I dun have choice already.....
Need to make up just can let ppl see me...
Feel funny right.

I will try to accept my new hairstyle.
But look like everyone like my hairstyle.
So I will Love it too...

New Hairstyle for New Year,
I wish everything will be great and Happy to myself^^

P/S: I Love my Lovely BiBi Hubby

1 comment:

♔ alice charlotte ♔ said...

nice hair what..
like it~ ^__^

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