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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Count Down Party with my DarDar❤ at Genting

When Angel met Devil.
DarDar and Me

Guys I'm back from Genting after Count Down New Year and Celebrate my Dear his friend Eric Birthday Party at Genting.
We went to Casino...
This time I'm reach the legal age to go in Casino.
But the Stupid polis still dun trust me I already reach the legal age and wan to Check my IC.
ok lor...
He wan to check let him check lor because I also can get into the Casino^^
Actually I just go in to have fun only....
I also didn't  play de.
Just accompany my DarDar^^
Really felt so happy that I can with him.

This is also my First Time Count Down with my Lovely DarDar.
I feel so happiness because can be with Him.
Dear I really Love you.
My new year wish is can be with you FOREVER.
I really can't life without You.
You are my everything in my life.
Dear I Love u so much!

5more days is our 3rd Anniversary.
Time Pass really fast.
I really hope this 2011 New Year can bring me lots of lucks to me.
No more bad things for me.
All I wan is simple life with my Lovely DarDar.

Now I can't wait for our Anniversary.
Beause my DarDar promised to me that can took lots of photo

At the Genting Strawberry Park

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