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Monday, November 29, 2010

Special Experience for the Christmas Event Jobs as Santarina.

Early Wish to you all Guys Merry Christmas.
My 1st time as Santarina Look^^

Photo has been uploaded at my blog now^^
Suppose I will be work till end of Christmas but due to the event keep changing the time let me cannot make it.
So I just work for 2days only...
Anyway I was enjoying while works as this Event jobs.
2days I also work as the same time but having 3 section per day with 3hours only>.<
1st Section is 1pm-1.30pm at Sunway Giza walkabout with giving out the voucher to crowd.
Sexy Back^^
This is the 1st section only...
Alone only.

After finish this section went to second section is at IKANO POWER CENTER.
this section is start from 4.30pm till 5.30pm.
This section is to guide those kids who are join this section to decorate the Ginger Bread Man.
Giving out the Ginger Bread Man to Kids^^

I'm teaching this little Princess decorate her
Ginger Bread Man^^

After finish help those kid to pack their Ginger Bread Man^^

My Dear said this one is nice o^^

My Dear is one of the organizer for this Event^^
My Hubby is Handsome^^
Dear I Love You.

My Dear told me to look at the camera when his friend
Jacky Ng help me to capture nice photo^^
Dunno why I simply Love this photo so much^^

After finish this section,
the last section is start at 7pm to 8pm at Sunway Giza for the Santarina.
So we need to rush back to Sunway GIza for the last section.
At this night section I no need to walk alone because got other Santarina and Santa will together with me.
This section we also got give out the voucher and candies to the crowd and took photo with the crowd^^
Down there have some photo.

Me and Amy [Eric Friend]

Finish preparing...

Was thinking something non-sens>.<
That my stupid Dear told me at afternoon>.<

this one suppose can be nice de..
But my hair too messy because of the wind>.<
But my Dear and his friend as the photographer said 
this one nice and Nature.

I Love this one the most^^

Waiting my Dear come>.<

My Dear and Me are holding the Ginger Bread Man to Wish you all guys 
Merry Christmas^^

I feel that I'm happy because have a chance to works as Santarina.
This job is awesome although need to wear high-heel stand whole day^^
It was a special memories for me^^

Thx to my Hubby and His Friend Eric to giving a chance.
Also wanna special Thx to my Dear his friend Jacky Ng as my Photographer^^
Thx for all the gorgeous pictures ya^^
And I can't wait for the trip with you all guys at Penang.

Guys enjoy my photo ya^^


ed.inc said...

you tipu me!
you tipu me!
coz always said u aren't pretty!
now the pics is telling the truth d!
u are pretty, k? aiyoo!!! hahahha..

Angel Tan May Ee said...

I where got tipu u o?
It's really not pretty ma...
U see my face fat like bread...
Where got pretty>.<

I wanna slim down jor....
especially is my face>.<
Because this coming Dec will go to Penang with my bf and the photographer family and his friends^^
So I gonna slim down>.<
I dun wan my face look like this again>.<

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