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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Simple Day With Sam Tsui Music

A Simple Day with Sam Tsui Song^^
Izzit my Photo too bright???
Sorry for bad quality on my photo....
I'll buy my DSLR soon^^
so be patient on my Good quality photo ya^^

Today is Sunday~~~
I did not meet up with him cause he need more rest to prepare to him New Semester for tomorrow^^
Plus yesterday midnight I was met him!!!
although just a few hours only....

For today~~~
I didn't even step out on my room also!
I was alone sat in front on my Laptop listen to Sam Tsui Music^^
I really addicted on him music!!!
What an awesome singer that I never found before!
He look so charming and handsome too :p
His music really make my day great^^
If anyone who got add my Facebook sure you will knew about this guy cause I got post his music video on my Facebook wall^^

I addicted until I download all his video to convert to MP3^^
Sam Tsui really have a great voice cause his voice very clear and feel so comfortable when listening to his music~~~
Waiting to his New Works (:

**His Voice make my Day Great!**

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