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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I feel Sad because of ... ...T.T

Can Time stop on the day I wan Forever?

My Final Semester Final Exam is over~~~
I suppose should be happy because of my final is over!
But I totally can't feel happy!
Because is time for me to work and have no time to find him already....
I can't wake him up like as usual how I wake him up....

I do really miss the moment when we together like that always go to college together!
But start from now I can't do those matter anymore!
I really dun wan be like that!
I'm afraid I will loss him like that!
I really dun have any confidence for myself!
I scare everything will be change because I graduate!
God, can you pray for me???
Can you help me to find back my confidence???

I really dunno what I want to said already....
too many thing want to said but I dunno how to express out!
Stay tune for it...
I'll be back to express out my feel right now....

Now I wan to recommended you all One music Video that I fall in love recently and I found out the lyrics is so meaningful.
This Music Video is sang by Dance Flow name "迷人的危险"

This part of the lyrics I Love the most

那是無法解釋 矛盾的死結
你掙扎感覺 我也難過地了解

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