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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy! Busy!! Busy!!!

Should or Shouldn't 
Very Confusing me!!!!
All BAD Thing pls Go Away From ME!

This month is the most busy month for me....
Cause my Final is coming soon and also is my final semester....
So I need to put lots of effort on my study now!!!
Test, Assignment and Presentation come together with the same time~~~
Let me keep rushing n rushing all the time!!!!
Not only this kind of thing let me stress.....
I still thinking wan to continued or just go to work.....
If I continued to study I can't afford those fees cause is too expensive>.<
If like this I think I better go to work is enough la~~~~

I really dun like this month cause too many thing let me so angry!!!
especially is my classmate!!!!
I really want to Kill him if I can!!!!!
He really let me want to scold him rude word!!!!!
I really dunno why I will met him!!!!!

Why this month so many thing need to settle????
Why can't wait I have time just give me those problem???
Why wan this time????
Really will let me crazy!!!!
Now I just can pretend dunno anything and concentrated focus on my study 1st.....
Because my study is most important now!!!!!!
Pls dun create any problem for me 1st....
Cause I really no mood to explain to you + I also dun have so much time to troublesome you!!!

**Listening Sam Tsui music cause his song let me relax as I can**

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