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Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy because of ... ...^^

The Princess of You

Dunno why today I feel so happy without any reasons>.<
Today as usual 6am++ reach my Babe place cause need my Babe help me on my Final....
But at last I didn't touch anything>.<
We just keep chit chat and play around....

Today I really feel happy just because of Him!
I also dunno why.....
Just feel so warm cause already long time I didn't feel like this already!
Babe you know what?
Just a small matter is already can let me feel so warm and Happiness!!!

Babe pls remember you told me what and also what I told you!
All it's come truth my heart♥♥♥
Everything I told you I really mean it

Babe Hope our matter can solve it Nicely and I promised to you I will get good result to you and show you how much I Love you and put how much effort on this Final just because of YOU!!!

p/s: is gonna go to take a shower and study for my Final tomorrow>.<

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