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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have a Sweet Date With Mr.B♥

Me and Mr.B
at The Curve

Today is Our Malaysia National Day!
But for Me and Mr.B is Our Date Time
Finally we have time to Date and build up our relationship~~~
Tell the truth we already 2months didn't go out have a Date already because both of Us was busy with our own things so always dun have time to have a Date>.<
But this time not same...
Mr.B knew I having holiday and getting bored during this holiday he was arrange some time to Me^^
So we have time to dating and chit chat all day long=)

So today early morning we sms-ing from 12am to 6.30am.....
after that Mr.B appear in-front my house at 6.30am to fetch me to have a date~~~
So as usual we go to Mr.B house 1st to let him to have some rest 1st....
At 3pm like that we went to The Curve to shopping and dating^^
Is Our dating time=)
Reached that about 4pm because having heavy rain and traffic jam....
We reach there 1st place we went to is PapaRich to meet Mr.B friend so after met we go to took our 1st Meal for the Day>.<
After few min we discuss finally we go to TGI FRIDAY to have our 1st meal for the day^^
[both of us keep fit but went to TGI FRIDAY we fail because every course meal Mr.B♥ order is high calorie]
but never mind~~~
Because we not always having this kind of high calorie food^^
Ocean a while is ok^^

After we finish our meal we went to the stage there to waiting for the Baba show by his Friend Joe=)
It's a nice and funny Baba talk show=)
After that we go to walk around~~~
Went to Pet shop at Ikano Center there^^
Both of Us saw 1 Pomeranian it's really cute to the MAX!
But the price is so scary!
Cost RM9999 !!!
I wish to bring back that Cutie if I got so much of money>.<
Both of Us saw that puppy until dun wan go home because that puppy it's really too cute!

Today I really felt so happy because can be with Mr.B
I could really wish on that moment the time can stop Forever>.<

Now we are planning when to get back to His hometown to have some rest>.<
I really wish can faster went to there^^
Because I Love that place so much^^
I can't wait the moment!

Mr.B♥ thx for everything that you giving Me
Love You

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