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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angel Pls dun lost the Direction!!!

Dun wan stand at the Crossroads!

Am I lost???
I lost the way how am I gonna to success my life!!!
I dunno which way I should go!!!!
I do really feel so tired on it!!!!
I tried with everything!!!!
Keep thinking ; Keep Finding!
But I still can't make my mind clear!!!!

I really dun have any direction to keep on moving truth!!!!
too many things I wan to do but I really dunno which one should start first>.<
Just day 5 for my holiday I can stress like this!!!
Study also didn't stress like now!!!!
I scare I dun have so many confidence to make it!!!
I scare I will fail!!!!

Nowadays I keep finding job which is suit for me!
Too many choices let myself stress also....
because dunno which one is better for me>.<

Now I keep thinking izzit the course I study is the one I like???
Izzit my interest for this???
The answer in my mind is : NO!!!
But now I already dun have choice to blame so much!
Cause it is my time to go out work to earn money back!
So I need to face on the fact I having now!!!

So Now first thing I should do is Cool down myself let myself have a clear-headed!!!
because I know it will have the way to settle it nicely!!!!

I wish someone can give me confidence to do it!!!
He is the most Important person in m heart!!!!
I do really need your support!!!! [you should know I'm saying you!!]

Hope I'll not lost the direction to success my future!!!!
GO! Go! GO! 
Now keep remain myself dun lost the direction!!!!

P/s: I wish to have your shoulder to rely on side for me and lead me the direction!

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