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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not My Year!!!

Angel without......>.<

Quite lots of thing is keep going happen on my side!!!
It's not use to me to change myself....
keep changing keep do mistake!!!
try to be good but no one will feel I be good!
try to work hard on future but nobody will think I'm work hard!
Everyone will only enlarge the drawback and forgetting the advantages!

I really felt tired on it....
every time I try to become best but in your eye you just will think I'm wrong!
Why every time I wanna to do something new and just wan to try on it only you felt that I change...
How you will just satisfaction on me?
I just wanna try on it only....
no reasons for why...
Just want to let you felt proud only....
If you really dun like that I stop all the thing!
I dun change!
Something I change just wanna someone to agree with what I change only...
not purpose want to let you mad!

This Year really not My YEAR!!!!!
Nothing will do nicely let you think I'm right!!!

Sorry to everything I did!
I know is late!

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