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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thx Babe~~~

Thx Babe
Love You!

Thx Babe help me to found a job~~~
When you told me that you already help me found a job I was think izzit I can handle on that job???
Cause I afraid about that I can't handle on this job~~~
I scared later your friend will think I'm not a person who do well in this job~~~
I really dun have any confidence on this job~~~
I scare I can't reached that level.....>.<
Also I scared will let you disappointed.....

But after I think whole night I realize that I should work as this job cause it can help me improve myself lots!
Also Babe you gave me some advise about the advantage so I think I should work as this job
Also challenge on myself too!

Thx Babe helping me to found this job=)
Love You!

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