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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pray HARD!!!!!!

My Face Without Make-up>.<
The Formal Wear I Have^^
I Look so curious!

Tomorrow is my graduation day^^
Time really pass so fast!
I already been stay at home do nothing about 2months!
I really dun like the life I having now because feel so lifeless!!!!
Now my parent keep help me finding my career.....
everyday ask me about how is the job what job you want!!!!
Sometime I really dunno what they mind thinking about!
When I get a good offer by the big company but they dun like....
now let me stuck at here with nothing!!!!

Ok....get back topic ya....
Tomorrow I think I should be happy because is my graduation day....
But now I dun think so because my parent are not free on tomorrow....
I feel so disappointed for it.....
My big day without Parent how am I happy?
I really hope got Miracle happen on me!!!
Because I dun wan be alone with my graduation day!!!!
I really wanna share my happy thing with my parent!!!!

Pls help me!!!!!

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