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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Graduation Ceremony on 29th Oct 2010 at Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel

Me and my Bf 
29th Oct 2010 
is my big day also is the day I end my study life continued my future career!
On my graduation ceremony I got a bit disappointed because my parent was not free on that day so just my bf attend my Convo.
But I also felt proud because my dear is attend my Convo^^
My dear was so pity because he alone wait me at the ballroom.....
anyway thx my dear attend my Convo and let me share my happier time with you all day long^^

On this Convo is a very special Convo to me because my Pass away friend 
[Zen Lim Jian Da]
is get an Award on his study and graduated with me on the same time=)

Zen I will remember all the moment when u cry together with me, make me smile and many things u done for me and ur beloved friends ~~~~ You always is our best friend in out heart! Congratulation to you Zen=) Remember we all will miss you!

Hope you at Heaven can receive it and you are a graduated student^^
Enjoy Ur colorful life ya=)

Back to topic.....
After the graduation ceremony end,
me and my friend went to took photo together and also took photo with my Dear also some lecturer=)

Me and my Bf 
 Eu Jie, Mr.Andrew Ho and Me
 Ming Hung, Angel and Eu Jie
Ming Hung, Angel and Eu Jie
Ming Hung, Our HOP and Eu Jie
 HOP and My Lovely BF 
 Angel and Nanthini
HOP and my friend Nanthini
 Angel with HOP school of Business=)
My Dear Dear 
 My Hubby and Me 
Waiting at Car because my dear went down help me buy breakfast^^
Thx my Dear Hubby

Me and Our Lovely Xiao Tou^^

After my Dear help me buy my breakfast we went back to eat than we chat lots and fool around....
Thx my Dear was took his own time to attend my Graduation=)
I really Love You  so much because of You!
Dear remember you still owe me one Teddy Bear o....
I dun care I wan it!!!!!!!
I wan new Teddy Bear!!!
I wan Big teddy Bear!!!!
Dun forget my Teddy bear ya!!!!

p/s: still have some of the photo....
Will upload when I get it=)


melmonica said...

Cool! U graduated from what course? Law?

Angel Tan May Ee said...

Law??? are u kidding me??? Me look like Lawyer meh??? I graduated on Business Administration de=)

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