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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Outing Day with friends....

Hey guy!!!
I promise that I will update my blog!!!
Today I was plan to hang out with my friend at Sunway...

We reach there about 11.45am++
so we decided go to Zanmai having our breakfast+lunch together...
*omg I miss all the photo when we order our food n eating time*

this is the Bil what our eat during our lunch!!!*CheapCheap*

After our lunch we go to buy some stuff for Us^^
Today I brought some New stuff for myself!!

1st thing:
Although is not that expensive or branded but it really NICE!!!
let me intro a bit what I brought today:
is yummy yummy Japanese candy^^
Import from Japan...

This candy is full of Nutrients such as
Protein, Carbohydrate, Collagen and bla bla bla....
and these just cost RM5++ for each only...
It really worth^^

2nd thing:
is a cap...
it really cool ya^^
Just cost RM25++ only...

which one Nicer???
Me or Kapo???
Actually I brought for me bf de^^

After we finish shopping, my friend decided go to Cheong K...
So we go to RedBox for our singing season^^

shame shame la>.< style="color: rgb(51, 255, 51); font-weight: bold;" size="4">
Purposely act de^^
Actually I like to cam... I cam whole day when we singing^^

*my stupid look*

Singing season!!!
whose hand behind me??*arg*

my previously College Buddies Alston
he is enjoy when he singing^^

Me and Pretty Joanne
We know each other since at secondary school^^
Feel so good cause until now we still contact^^


♥me me me me me me me me me♥

We go back 5pm++
cause at night we still have another party need to attend!!!
Today really happy can meet you all and having great time with you all^^
Keep In touch my friend^^

*We really feel disappointed with RedBox services!!!
They didn't update new song...
Place very small...

Their food really SUCK....
Really not worth for paying RM36++ for each person!!!*
*Need to Complaint*

p/s:Thanks for giving me a great time with you all

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