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Friday, April 23, 2010

Finally Finish my Final For this Semester!

The tired face of me>.<
Now is should be the good news to me! That is:
Finally Finish my Final^^ Can enjoy my holiday start from this moment....Feel so relax now cause no need to study about 3weeks....So I can enjoy the moment with my Lovely HuBby again! muacksss~~~ During this holiday still dunno what should we do....still thinking.... maybe will help my HuBby clean his room first [maid>.<] lo... after that will go to take many many photo with my HuBby haha... really can't wait the time le.... want to go out buy many many things that I want it^^ want shopping and dating with my HubBy haha~~~ I crazy already.... cause no more stress already!!!! haha...... Love my HuBby so much~~~ Guys tell you all something my HuBby suddenly jealously... Dunno why when I know it I feel worried cause scare my HuBby will think many...but after that I was feel so happy because my HuBby jealously because of me^^hehe.... This mean that my HuBby he still Love Me deeply anyway just want to let my HubBy know that I will Love you Forever! muacksss~~~

Guys if you got follow up my blog you all will know my Dear friend has pass away on this Monday night....Hope he can Rest In Peace....Friday morning he will be burial so all of his friend will accompany him to the his final journey...Sorry that I can't attend>.< Rest In Peace my Dear Friend Zen Lim Jian Da!

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