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Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is my Future

I Gonna Be more Mature

final is coming on this Saturday but due to my laziness I still blogging at here. I really can't concentrate on my study cause I feel so stress. I also thinking should I stop my study go for work or change course change to Mass-Comm? I really dun have any idea to make decision! I know I should focus on my final now but I really not in mood now! 

I scare I will loss everything if I make wrong decision. Cause I dun have any confident to myself, scare I will regret! haiz~~~~

Recently I am try to put down something that I hold it too tight cause I want it forever! I knew it is hard for me but I should put down if not everything will gone! Is time for me to be more mature! No time for me to play I should start to planning my future! 

ok la~~~ I started to feel that I dunno what I blog about le. Feel that all is nonsense! 
Should go to study my final le....
Wish me gud luck on my Final^^

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