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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Video That I Create For US❤

The Video is All about Us when we Started our relationship at 
8-1-2008 until now

During nothing to do at weekend and due to my laziness to study for my final. So I was created one video about Us. Although it is simple but this is 1st time I created it. I use about more then 1hours to finish this video. I just randomly pick up some of our photo to create this slide. I knew this time I created is not really good in quality. But I will try to create to be more quality^^ This video really let us has many memories. Cause each photo have their own story. So photo help Us to keep our story. Because of this I Love to take photo to drop down all the moment what I have! Just like the moment that I Be With You!
Hope you guys can enjoy and Love the Video I create^^ I know some of you might be dun like but I won't care about it, cause this is my blog so I have the right to post what I want to post^^ ok! I think I should stop here.. Wanna prepare myself cause want to go out with my HuBby already.
Bye! Guys Enjoy your Weekends ya^^

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