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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Valentine 14-2-2011 [Late Post]

My Surprise Valentine Present 2011.
Thx HuBby
BaoBei ❤ HuBby FOREVER.

Another Late post again>.<
Sorry about that!
This post is about my Valentine^^
I got my early Valentine Surprise from my Hubby^^
You guys can Click Here to view Back my Previous post.
Because I remember that I promised to reader to upload my Valentine Photo^^
So this Post is all about our photo on that day mean is Valentine Day 14-2-2011.
Some of the Photo is took by my HuBby DSLR camera and some is use phone to took.

The Surprise That I had^^
using my hubby phone took.
New Bear Bear Family Member: Fei Fei
Fei Fei and Me
 I Lub You
 HuBby use his DSLR help me took nice Photo
 My Stupid Look.
 Valentine Kiss
  HuBby took this without notice me>.<
 make-up prepare go to dating❤
My Fei Fei❤
 Thx HuBby❤
dunno what am i doing also>.<
 I'm so fat>.<
my eye beg so big>.<
 Thx HuBby
I ❤ You
 Thx HuBby giving me such a Happiness Life Be with You❤
Love You❤

Guys this is all of the photo...
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