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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

HuBby 23rd Birthday Celebration❤

Birthday Kiss to my Hubby

Finally I'm back to here to blogging!
Sorry because I lack update my blog recently....
this is because I have no time to update plus I a bit lazy on it...

ok back to topic.
This post I think it will me less word but is more photo.
Before my HuBby Birthday 24th February 2011,
I and my HuBby was had big argue because of those FU*KING matter happen!!!!
It really will kill me...
But Luckily everything is settle by me and I think is ok. 
After the argue we and his friend went to have some drink to countdown my Hubby birthday.
After countdown finish and the next day is my HuBby Big day^^
All the Celebration is on night.
Before the night time I treat my Hubby Japanese Dinner.
After that we just went to the Over Time to have big party^^
From now I think photo is the best part to describe the story^^

This is the Place we been
Over Time
We was on Second Floor at
Over Time
HuBby was testing his DSLR.
Blur already>.<
I took it^^
HuBby naughty o...
Beer of the Day.
Nice Beer
Someone is took us>.<

 Someone said my hUbby look so loving and enjoying
when I like this o>.<
  Jacky and my Hubby.
Also is one of the camera man on that day^^
 HUBby and Me
 Eric and Alicia is Busying chit-chat;
But My Hubby and Me was Busying took photo^^
 My HuBby, Eric and Me
 The Fatty Angel and The Pretty Amy
 Me, HuBby and Amy
 The Guys of that day^^
was wishing
After wish is my time to give u a big cherry
 The Special Drink to the Birthday Boy^^
His Friend Eric and Joe is helping my Hubby to drink also.
HuBby act cute didn't mention me>.<
 Me and Amy was busy chit-chat and someone was busy to 
took us without notice>.<
 Fatty BaoBei with the Handsome Hubby 
 Group Photo...
But without Jacky>.<
Special For You
Bought Baskin BR Robin Ice-cream cake for my Hubby.
 HuBby Kiss Me
    So is Return a Kiss to you

Everything is great and was happy.
Hope my HuBby have a memorable Birthday this Year.
Love You.

Stay tune on my next post.
It will be my very very late post for my: The 3rd Year Anniversary with my HuBby, Valentine Days Post and also the Penang trip Post>.<

I will try to upload when I free>.<

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