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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie Day-The Fighter

after the Interview

Yesterday 11-3-2011
my HuBby bring me to Sunway Giza MayFlower-Travel Fair to ask about the Bali trip.
tot can go there,but now already cancel because of the Tsunami and earthquake at Japan.
after we ask we went to Wong Kok at Sunway Giza there to took our Dinner with Eric^^
we was too free at that time so Eric was suggest we went to movie.
So we chit-chat until 11.50pm just go to 1U to bought the ticket.
When we reached there we suppose wan to watch the:World Invasion-Battle LOS ANGELES
but when we reached there the ticket is sold out so we just choose others movie.
the second movie we choose is : Drive angry but also sold out already>.<
So our last decision is the Malay Movie- Hikayat Merong MAHAWANGSA
but who knows this movie also full house>.<
3 movie we choose also full house...
why leh? oh ya......it's FRIDAY.
So the last last movie we choose is- The Fighter.
The Movie we watched>.<
Finally we got 3 Movie ticket
although is already started 20min already, but that is one of the movie still got seat>.<
so we went to watched.
This movie is nice to watch if you are really like to watch Boxing!
This Movie is true story for a Boxer Name MICKY.

Here is the Trailer: The Fighter-Trailer

enjoy ya^^

p/s: thinking where still can go during this Tsunami and Earthquake>.< 

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