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Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Knew !

Being Nice To Someone You Dislike doesn't mean You're Fake.
It Mean You're Mature enough to Tolerate Your Dislike Towards Them.

I Knew it that I already let my blog dead!
Sorry for that because currently I was busy with the Product Training so dun have time to update my blog and also I using the broadband to online the speed always like turtles.>.<
Back to topic now.

At last I have a bit of time to updated my blog^^
Recently I am busy went to KL to had my Product training.
I really dun like go to KL because always Traffic Jam.
Morning Jam evening also Jam.
How am I gonna go to KL with no Traffic Jam?
I am really angry on this!!!
Haiz~~~ No Choice lor...
still gonna go on it....
ok la...
Dun talk about this matter already....

My Feeling:
actually recently my mood is not like last time so bad so easily get EMO already.
I also dunno why.
But this is the good starting for me.
Cause won't easily get into the bad mood already.
Although my Bf is had class on weekdays but He sure will find some time to accompany me to cheer my up.
Feel so happy when he have time to accompany me.
although the time we stick together not like last time so much but the Love he gave me still the same.
I do my best to get the franchise so we can have better life on our future.
Biii sometime I really not purpose to disturb you and wanna you accompany me,
that is because I'm so stressful on the matter I just need your accompany only..
So Biii I really hope you also can understanding me.
I also knew it that you need to study.

No matter how I will do my best to get this Franchise.
I knew Biii You will support me all the time right?
I do really Love you and wanna be with you Forever
Biii remember what we promised to each other
I do remember and I will do my Best on it.
Because of You HuBby

P/S : HuBby, You are my only One in my Life. I Love You

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