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Friday, May 21, 2010

Life I Having Now

I Miss my Long Straight Hair>.< 

I just click into my blog just now! 
I know my blog is dead since my blog had so few of the photo sometime even not photo this is because of my laziness. 

Dunno why my interest suddenly gone.
In previous,
my interest is to share my life to everyone who read my blog.
I used to take many photo and post lots of photo in my Blog.
but now no more. 
Now my blog is become so photo-less sometime even not to update my blog.
Its seems like my life is so lifeless.
I really dunno what is going on on my life.

If really want to talk about my personal life at College just only ONE word can describe that is 
It have lots of assignment need to do and sit for the test.
Although this is my Last Semester in Laureate INTI College but I still can't enjoy my College Life!
During my College life it's really have many BAD memories to me!
Seriously, I really can't wait for my graduate day!
Maybe I really not suitable on study.

The random thing that I want to do so badly as below:
- I want go to Beach
- I want go for Photo-shooting
- I want get the Canon EOS 550D
- I want lots of New Teddy Bear
- I want have my own business
- I Wish to have a Romantic 21st Birthday with my Bf
- I want to get what I Want

Can I just stop my brain for thinking those unnecessary thing?
Why my life must be so full of pressure?
Sure one day I'm going to be crazy due to the over-depressed!

♡Our Love
Actually my life is not that so lifeless,
I still have my lovely bf in my side all the time.

He is the One who giving me the biggest support and cheer my up all the time when I was Sad!
I feel so lucky that I found Him!
All I want is to hold  you Forever.
All I need you is everyday.
He make my life more colorful.
I Love Him more than I Love myself.

Sometime I not even want to post my relationship life at here anymore.
Because I knew some of people will think and talk about why I keep going to showing off my sweet life at here. 
But I just wanna said is this is my blog, so I have the right to post what I want.
Right ?
And you dun even have the right to Stop me!
If you dun like pls don't visit my blog anymore!
Because this is my life!
One day you will know the real meaning why I want to write whatever it is happy or sad.
Because this is apart of my life and I use to write down all my memories at here!

I think I should stop here cause is already 2.30am morning...
So guys stay tune on my bloggie ya^^

Biiii I  You
You're the one always in my Heart

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